Free Google AdSense Approval Process

How to Get Adsense Approval Easily

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Easily in Quick Time. Step-by-step procedure to get adsense approval within 3 days.
It is very easy to get Google Adsense Approval even you are residing in India. You cannot wait for 6 months to get approval for your website. You can get adsense approval within 3 days maximum. But you have to follow Google Adsense Approval Process below strictly to get approval in quick time and in genuine way. I now explain you step-by-step you have to follow these steps correctly to get easy approval.
1.Register a Domain (Paid Domain not a free website or blog) You must be the owner of the domain. That domain consist of keywords. You have to register your domain name with extension of .com / .org / .net . Don't register domain name with your country extentions or any other extentions other than the above three. It is not only useful for Google Adsense Approval but also help a lot in SEO. If you select correct domain for your website that exactly or perfectly matches your content then your work is 50% done.
2. Your website must be professionally designed. (You can use Dreamwaiver or Ms-Frontpage or Photoshop) for this if you are not familiar with web design. Then you can give it this work to web-design companies. If you need any help in Web-design I will help you.
3.Your website content not copied from other blogs or other websites. Don't copy any content from other websites. You cannot get approval. My sincere advice is write your own content. Your website must consist of atleast 20 to 25 pages of Quality, Unique content. You have to prepare content for your readers not for search engines remember this.
4.You have design your website according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you need any help don't hesitate to call me. I am ready to help you. Then you have to register your website with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Submit Site Map of your website to Google for easy crawling. You have to access the source code of your website (i.e HTML Code of your website)
5.Then create one g-mail id exclusively for Google Adsense. Don't use this g-mail id for personal or business or Google Adwords use.
6.To join this Google Adsense Program you must be 18 years of age.
7.Your payee name must match the name of your Bank Account. Either it is Savings Bank Account or Current Account. You can register your business as payee name or use your own name as payee name.
8.You have to write your address correctly. No mistake in this address. Because once your account reaches 10 US dollars Google will send one PIN-NUMBER Card to your address to confirm your payee name and address. Then you have to login your Google Adsense Account enter this PIN number in the required box (in My Account Tab) and confirm you are the payee.
9.Another thing you have to select best web host for your website. Because you have to make sure your server or your website not facing Malware or Spyware or Trojan virus problems or slow-server response in future. So select the best web-host in the starting stage itself.
10.Optimize your website content SEO friendly to get most out of the Search Engines.
11.Use Title Tag, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Feedburner tags correctly. Make sure all your HTML Codes properly closed.
Now we come to the Stage How to Fill Google Adsense Application Form
1.First you have to fill the URL of your website like this Don't forget to put http:// before your website name. Otherwise, your website not accept by Google.
2.Website Content Language is always English. Don't select any language other than English for your website. This is my humble request to all my internet friends. You cannot get approval or you cannot get more visitors if your website is in other language. So prefer English as your language of the content.
3.Please Tick both boxes
I will not place ads on sites that includes incentives to click on ads.
I will not place ads on sites that includes pornographic content or illegal content.
4.Now choose Account type. Either you can choose Business Account or Your Personal account as your payee name.
5.Your Payee Name must match the account of your name in Bank Account.
6.Enter Door Name, Street Address, City, Country, Pin-codes, zip code correctly in appropriate boxes. While filling the Adsense Application form don't divert your attention, concentrate hard to fill the form. Because it is one time fill up form. You cannot going on changing the content of the form regularly unless and until you will get the approval. Once you get the approval you can change the address in My Account tab. Except Payee name you can change anything in the Adsense Application form.
7.Then enter your phone number, e-mail preference to receive occasional news letter and announcements from Google.
8.How did you find Google Adsense. For this you can always select friends and colleagues.
9.Then you have to accept the Adsense Program Policies set by Google.
10. Click the Submit button, if you have already g-mail account you can login with that account otherwise create a new g-mail account. That's all once you login. It shows with 1-2 days your website will be review and get approval.
If you need more help or any Special training regarding Google Adsense and Search Engine Optimization, then you can attend my Google Adsense Training Classes in Chennai, India.
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Best Wishes
Always in Your Success
Perambur Kumar
Chennai, India

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Google Adsense Approval Process

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