Best Adsense account approval trick 2012, Adsense account approval India 2012

Google Adsense account Approval tricks 2012 are very important to get approval for adsense by Google 2012 specifically for Indians. Google Statistics say that more than 99.14% of adsense accounts are rejected by Google India and Google Global in 2010 and 2011. The main reason behind high adsense disapproval percentage are many things for Adsense account approval India 2012 or any other country.
Adsense account approval trick 2012, Google adsense account approval tips 2012 and Main Reasons for adsense account rejection in India
1. Content- If the content on the website is duplicate there are absolutely no chance that your Google adsense account can ever get approval. Write nice 4 to 5 articles to get Google Adsense account Approval in India within few days. Please do not, “strictly No”, don’t copy any content from any website or any book on your website or blog for which you have applied for Google Adsense account. Google knows from where you have copied content from website and Content is key factor Adsense account approval in 2012 or 2011 or 2010.
2. Adult Material- Please do not use any porn picture or video or even adult comments on your website for Google adsense account approval India. Google Strictly restricts use of any Porn or adult material on website and blogs.
3. Contact Us Page- Make a contact us page on your website or Blog. Write name and contact address under which you are applying for Google adsense account 2012. Google also rejects adsense applications for website where website ownership is not verified for Google Adsense account 2012.
4. Content Size- Again i want to tell you that you can got get Google adsense approval by writing 300 to 400 words article and get adsense account approval. You need to write 2000 words size article to get your google adsense account whether it is in India or any country. Google Adsense policies are very strict regarding approval for Google Adsense Account.
These are certainly best tips for adsense account approval and free adsense account approval in 2012. You can get your Google Adsense approved in 2012 within 15 to 20 days by following my Google Adsense approval tips, if you still are facing any problem I can be reached on my contact number +91-8220820669 or I will analyze your website for “how it can be improved” and how can you get your genuine adsense account approval. Really even I am making very good money from Google Adsense account, even you can also make Good money from Google Adsense account. 
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