How to Maximize your Earnings with Google Adsense and Hubpages Ad Program

To maximize our earnings in Google Adsense or in Hubpages ad program, I have list all the helpful information I know and the best things to do to raise earning or revenue in ad program.
I am making money continuously now after 3 weeks of $0.01 everyday. I have one earning day that is as little as $0.01 because it was written like this <$0.01 on my earning reports. I have 2 days of 0.00 earnings though it was not consecutive two days.
After making this tips that I will share, my earnings grow slowly from $0.01 to $0.11 to $0.20 and now i am spiking twice on $0.3 areas after 4weeks and writing 20 hubs. My earnings are still low for now, but if you compute how much I increase from $0.01 to $0.3, I think Its quite a good reason to say that what I did was effective.
  1. Title - This is very important because this is the first thing that the readers will see. We should Title our hubs carefully and choose a word that will catch the attention of readers on hubpages community. If our hubs are evergreen, we should consider giving it a search friendly title. If your topic is about Rose, try typing in Google search, the word rose, and he will predict what is the next good words, and based on that you can construct a sentence for the title of your hubs.
  2. Summary - Google will look for unique content on your summary. To be more visible, I will advice to include the keywords on your summary for more visibility. Try to search your hubs on Google and you will see that, Google tag your hubs based on your summary.
  3. Traffic - The more traffic you have the more money you can earn. Traffic can be from hubpages community or from search engine like Google. If you have Facebook, twitter, or blogs you can post your links going back to your hubs, that can be a good source of traffic and referrals as well.
  4. Write Articles Everyday - If you write everyday, you will accumulate many hubs, the more hubs you make, the more followers you will get. New articles can attract new followers who would be interested on reading your hubs. Also, by writing articles everyday you can write an article that would pay higher page impression.
  5. Update your Articles - If your hubs are always updated, you are more likely visible to search engine. If your hubs are not evergreen or it s seasonal you should always update the content of your hubs.
  6. Link articles - If a viewer needs certain information, he will keep on reading articles, if you already put your link, your are suggesting the reader to check that articles for more information. Instead of searching again, The reader would go directly through your link.
  7. Group your Articles - If your articles are about flowers and the reader was reading roses, you cannot put a link about daisy, but you can group them so after reading the article about roses,they can saw other hubs about flowers before writing their comments.
  8. Ebay Ad program - Do you know that you can earn when someone click on your ebay advertisement? instead of putting Amazon capsule, I would likely suggest to put ebay so you can earn even through clicks. Just be sure that the keywords on ebay capsule is related on your article so the reader would be interested to know and check about your ebay advertisement. Amazon will not pay you when someone only click on your ads but ebay will do. Amazon is also good but It is more profitable when you are writing your personal review.

Hubpages Ad Program pays you by ad impression, this is very good because when someone reads your article, even if he did not click your ads, you will earn some revenue.
The things I have said above complement each other. If you miss something from above, like, you did not link articles or make a group for them, you are missing your opportunity to maximize your earnings on your hubs.

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