Hoe To Advanced Twitter Tips for Marketing

Twitter is a popular microblogging platform and social media network. It has been getting more and more popular, and now more people and businesses are using the site than ever before.
While a great way to get your opinion out and have your voice heard, Twitter is also a brilliant marketing tool. People are always marketing things on Twitter, and often the thing being marketed is themselves.
If you have been using Twitter for some time, you probably consider yourself to be an advanced user. Don’t get too comfortable though. There is always something else to learn and more to know. These tips for marketing on Twitter could help you learn a few new tricks and start Tweeting like an expert in no time.

Create a custom Twitter background to help you stand out.

A custom Twitter background will make you or your business look like a big deal. It shows that you care about how you, your products or your brand looks. The background can show who you really are by expanding on the tiny bit of room you have on your Twitter profile to tell the world who you really are. You can use an online tool to create one, or you can retain a designer to make you a very customed background from scratch.

Use Twitter clients

Services like HootSuite, Tweetdeck and CoTweet are helpful if you are juggling multiple social networking accounts and many contributors. These can also be handy if it is only you on a single site. Using these services allows you to see everything that is going on with your Twitter account in one place. Instead of clicking around, all the information you need is right in front of you.
Additionally, you can use these services to schedule your Tweets. This keeps your account active even when you need to be away from your computer.

Use keywords in all your Tweets

People scour Twitter for topics they are interested in, and they search for keywords. Be sure to inject each post with a keyword, with or without a hash tag. Unless you use keywords, you aren’t giving potential new followers a chance to find you or your tweets.

Foster relationships with your followers

When someone tweets about you or retweets a post, you should pay attention, especially if you are trying to build a business or market yourself. You should reach out to these people, as they could be great allies for you.
First and foremost, you need to thank them for the tweet, either by direct message or a tweet. These folks will appreciate the recognition.
Then you should add them to a special list of people who have shared about you, a list that you review occasionally. Watch for content that you should be sharing or information you need to know. Jump into pertinent conversations and retweet valuable information you get from these folks.
This helps you to get to know your Twitter followers, what they like and what they are into. Additionally, it can help you to get to know their followers and friends, which could eventually lead to even more followers for you.

Use your own voice when you tweet

When you tweet, everything you post should be in a voice that is true to you (or your business or your brand). You should sound like you are just sharing information; your tweets should not sound anything like marketing talk. Any agenda you have should not be noticeable in your tweet.
By having a real, authentic voice, your followers will find you to be more real and more transparent. This translates to more likeable. They will be more willing to buy whatever you are selling if they don’t feel like you are trying to sell them anything.

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