Popular Blog Search Engines Tips

Blogs are listed by the search engines as any other website. There are some search engines on the web that are particularly good in searching blogs. Given below is a list of Blog search engines:
Google Blog Search:

By using Google blog search the user could get the recent blog posting and famous blog and could also look for videos, images and so on.

It is a blog search engine that lets you search with the help of topic tag. You just have to choose a topic tag from the list given or add your own in the textbox that is given. The list that you come across is set in alphabetical order and the bigger and bold the text is, the more famous that particular topic is.

Blogger is a blog publishing and search site that is as well owned by Google. It offers the exact search as Google Blog Search but through the Blogger interface. If you wish to get out-and-out updates as fresh blog posts get posted then subscribe for blog feeds.
Technorati Blog Search:

By keying in the topic or just clicking from the topic list that is given you could search for blogs on Technorati Blog Search. You will also find a list of currently posted blogs as well as the day’s extremely famous blog. To search for the most popular blogs across the globe go for the Explore option that you find in Technorati. You could either enter topics yourself or choose from the list of topics. You can also search by tag in Technorati. The extremely famous words emerge bigger and in bold.
Technorati Search:

You just have to key in a word or a phrase in a single or more text boxes and later choose a Search in category.
The above were some of the popular blog search engines.

  • Digg
  • Del.icio.us
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • RSS