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The following are money making programs that proved to be supporting and pays on time. All are Free To Join!


Most of you are sure familiar with .. While I like Clickbank, and they are a greatmarketplace… they are limited to many restrictions to sell products or earn affiliate commissions…
PayDotCom is a great new service, it’s a new FREE marketplace where you can sell any product you want – Yours OWN product – OR – (the best part) You can become an INSTANT Affiliate for ANY item in their HUGE marketplace. is 100% FREE to Join!
Plus; they have their own affiliate program now that pays you COLD HARD cash just for sharing the site with people. They give you cool tools like BLOG WIDGETS, and they even have an advertising program to help you get traffic to your site.
If you want an ARMY of affiliates to sell your products for you, they also allow you to have Free placement in their marketplace!
DealDotCom Affiliate Program
DealDotCom offers a two-tier Affiliate Program. When you refer others to DealDotCom, and they get a free account, they are marked in the system as having been referred by you. Anything that they buy will nets you a 35% commission. Unlike other affiliate programs that place a time limit your your commission (eg; 5% for 6 months), the DealDotCom commission is forever. That’s right, forever. It doesn’t matter if they buy something tomorrow, next week, or fifty years from now – you’re going to get paid. Still More, anyone that they refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second tier buy nets you a 15% commission, FOREVER.
DealDotCom is Free to Sign up.
Infolinks In-Text Ads:
Infolinks In-Text Advertising- Earn 70% revenue share. The highest around. Guaranteed!
- Industry leading CTR!
- Big brand advertisers for all sites – big & small
- Their ads are more relevant to your readers
- Infolinks ads keep readers engaged & clicking
Text Link Ads:

Easy Money
Text Link Ads is one of the best ad networks. You can make money with them by selling text links on your site. Your link price is set by Text Link Ads and is based on Alexa, Google PageRank, number of RSS subscribers, and other factors.
You also get $100 in Free Promotion when joining for an advertiser account.
TNX System:
TNX SystemTNX is a unqie system that allows you to sell links on Every Page of your site, instead of just the main page….This will allow you to take full advantage of all your pages and earn more from your website (about 10 times more profits than selling site wide links).
All is in an automatic system. You don’t need to manually enter each link, just entering the code once in an easy way,… copy and paste it and you are done.
TNX unique system will also avoid you from getting penalized by Google…So no more PR0!
Bidvertiser is a CPC ad network that competes with Google AdSense. With a low $10 payout that makes it more wanted than AdSense by most publishers. You only need to make $10 in order to be paid.
You may also Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.
Project PayDay:

Project PayDay Program – Learn how to make money online from the first day, with some simple steps … From $45 to $154 daily, and even more.
Normal people have already made about $200 to $2500 in their first month, and their income increases every day.
For free you will get a Quick Start Training Guide (about 65 pages), of which the first 11 pages alone are enough for you to start making money at once “the same day!”.
… and don’t worry It’s FREE!
*Project PayDay is open only for US and Canada
Google Adsense:
Google Adsense – The #1 well known ad network! If you don’t know what Google AdSense is then you’ve been living under a rock. It is a must have if you want to make money from a blog/site. Google display simple text and image ads on your blog that are targeted to what you’re writing about. Easy to setup and implement, and payments are always on time.
MyLot is a big growing community that pays you to post, reply to posts, and for uploading photos (with a $10 min. payout). The money you earn through contributing in mylot’s community is not that much, but the good benefit you get from their site is the traffic to your blog/site :) (just put a link in your profile and post/reply a bit there!).
yuwie YUWIE is a new website that works just like Myspace or Facebook except that they pay you for page views. Yuwie is 100% FREE. Yuwie is like any other “connect with friends” or social networking site. But they have one major difference. Use Yuwie – Get Paid!
Yuwie pays you to blog, upload pictures, refer friends, chat, hang out, etc

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