How To Facebook password hacker tools and online services | truth behind these

Facebook password hacker tools and online services

one day a girl sent me a mail requesting for a facebook password hacking tool. i was surprised after reading this mail and replied her that i donot have any this kind of software or i think any such tool exists. Then he sent me some links which claimes to have such tools and they hack facebook passwords for dollors. she was curious to have that tool and she want to use their service. Most of the online service claim to hack facebook id only by profile id number which is used in facebook. 
You can also get this kinnda services only by searching in google. search "facebook password hacker" or "facebook password hacking tool".

Some of the service claims that they use old facebook loopholes and their service can retrieve passwords from facebook server within some seconds and blah blah blah..

lolz.. :D

Today i am going to describe some truth about those services and passwords. Do you think the number 2 company just behind the google would have these kind of loopholes. Is it easy to intrude in it's server for getting passwords?? Facebook has worlds best security persons in it's security teams. No this kinnda intrusion is possible.

Please never believe on those services or tools. They are only claiming this to get some dollors from you and you are going to waste your money for nothing.

Many of you still does not believe me. It's your choice. but please read their notes carefully, you will also get my points. Their calims of accessing password from facebook server or older loopholes and vb scripts. what would vb do in that. 

If you want to hack facebook password, read my older post on How to hack facebook password. those are the only way to hack facebook profile password. do not run and waste money on readymade password hacking tools and services.

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