How to Make Money with a Google Adsense Account

When I signed up with Hub Pages I opened a Google AdSense account at the same time. I read in the Hub Page forums and the Hub Page Learning Center that by opening a Google AdSense account Google would place advertisements on my hub page articles. When my readers click on the ads I make money. Now I get paid in more ways than just one. I get paid for the number of views by Hub Pages which is a $50.00 pay out limit, and for ad clicks by Google Adsense. (Don't forget to add links to E Bay and Amazon and earn a commission when someone purchases a product that you've chosen that matches the topic of your hub too.) I also have 3 blogs with Blog Spot where Google AdSense places places ads on my blog entries.
When opening a Google AdSense account go to their homepage and click on the "sign up now" button. Fill out the registration information, enter your financial information, and copy and paste your blog or Hub Page URL into the appropriate area provided by Google AdSense. They in turn will give you a code to paste into the earnings area of Hub Pages and Blog Spot. (or your web site if it's associated with Google AdSense.) You also must copy and paste the code into the appropriate place within the context of your article where you want your ads to appear. Be sure to read Google's policies thoroughly so you don't violate their rules and regulations.
After approval Google will offer you the use of any one of their different size ads, asking you to choose the size and color you would like. Hub Page ads will automatically appear, but for blogs at Blog spot and certain web sites you are allowed to design your own ads. Be sure they blend in nicely with the decor of your blog or web site so your readers will click on them. You will also want to work to get readers to visit your blog, website or Hub Page articles. Promote them on Facebook, Twitter, or Stumble Upon (I believe there are more social networking sites but I have accounts with these three.) Use the "share" button at the bottom of your hub or you can "like" or "tweet" them at the top of your hub page article, and you cal also add a facebook or twitter button on your blog pages. You can also add a Google +1 button to your site by following the instructions on the Google Adsense homepage. Your readers can click on it to promote your blog or website if they like it. It should help bring more views to your site.
Google Adsense is strict about advertisement views. They will ban your blog or website if you click on your ads yourself, if you ask others to click on them to help you make more money, if you display more than the required number of ads on your entries, if you fill up a page with ads or if you use any particular kind of automated process to increase your number of clicks. You can, however, use popular keywords within the context of your entries to bring up your number of views, follow others and read their entries to encourage them to read yours, add a referral button to encourage others to sign up for a Google AdSense account and when they reach the $100.00 pay out you will also receive $100.00. You can add an "archives" area to post prior blog entries by date to encourage readers to look through your old entries, and add a "submit" link to submit your entries to Google search engines.

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