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I posted before about free advertising methods, and talked in details about some of them; Increase Your Traffic With Traffic Exchanges, Write Articles to increase your website’s visitors, and Get Started With Reciprocal Linking. Those free advertising methods could be used in promoting any of your online business, affiliate programs, mlms, matrixes, etc… You can also use them in advertising your blog or site.
Free Classified ads is another way I want to talk about. Classified ad’s site alows you to put your advertising ad on their site for Free. Ofcourse there are paid ads service too, but free ones will work very well, and incase you want to pay for your ads to targed more traffic, pay only in high traffic sites and check for people’s review about the site first (you may ask in forums or do a search).
So how to get started?
- First search for Free Classified ad’s sites. This is easy, you may use google or other search engine (I will also post some of them, check below!)
- Stay focused in each site and go direct to where you want to put your ad. Don’t be distracted by the advertise that you will find in their sites, like “This submit software posts to 500,000 sites with a click of a button!” or something similar. Go direct to your mission!
- Place your ads in categories such as, Business Opportunities, Work At Home, Home Business, MLM, etc… You may sometimes have the option to post in several relating categories.
- In many cases, there is a form where you can fill in your Website URL. Sometimes you have to include your URL in the ad description. Just make sure your ad won’t go without your URL! in such case we did nothing!
Some more tips:
Your goal is to find as many classified ad’s sites that bring a positive result; those sites will be your goldmines! A site that gives you a visitor per day or at least every second day is a good site.
- Post to as many ad sites as you can, and track your results.
- Never post again ads to sites that do not give you any visitors.
- Save or bookmark all evective sites – the ones you got visitors from.
- Re-post your ad several times in the sites you got results form. Some sites keeps your ad/s for a week, some for a month. But you may repost your ad/s, specially in the sites that got you visitors. Your ad can roll off the site in one hour or faster if they got high-traffic.
- Post your ad/s in hight internet traffic’s days and time. You may check the charts below for ideas to a perfect day and time.

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