Get Huge Traffic & Make Money Online This IPL 2012 Season

The 5th Edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League) is due to start on April 4th 2012 and will continue till the Final on May 27th 2012 providing great sources of entertainment and the reason why you are reading this on Methods2earn, the leading website providing money making tips on web is that this IPL Season can bring you huge traffic and money online.
Now the obvious query that might be coming in your Mind is how to go about it and where the secret of this lies in? Blogging and earning is not about doing Hard work constantly and then waiting for reaping of that , It is such kind of field where Innovation matters a lot and as a Blogger you can never miss out on opportunities that are trending or are about to get in Focus for some time say a few months , where everyone would be talking about it and if you know how to cash in such a situation then well you have high chances of earning money .
I’ll keep this article very simple to be understood by putting it in points and give you an insight what you should be doing This IPL Season to get high traffic from search engines and ultimately better income -
IPL 5 would be kicking in April 4 and will continue till the Final on May 27 which makes it around 52 days where everyone would be talking about matches, scores, players, etc.. and thus will be the most sought after hot and trending topics on all search engines.
Writing of articles on such a trending topic is beneficial for almost all Niches and if you are thinking what can you gain from a Cricket league well you are completely wrong !
IPL Does not cover only 1 aspect of cricket , It has something for everyone -
  • Tech blog owners can introduce about Latest Technology being used in IPL
  • You have a Giveaway related site , Well offer lucrative IPL merchandise or promote and List offers on your website that would attract a large number of people
  • Android/iPhone or Basically a Mobile related blog , well Yeah go for putting up some cool apps where users can find news and score updates wit i touch access apps
  • News blog – Put in all the controversial and hot news of the IPL , People like to read such stuffs and ultimately more Traffic
Now it’s time to cash in as a Blogger , Yes you have to write such articles (Based on your NICHE) that will be unique and strong in eyes of search engine and whenever a user would search for that thing related to IPL well you would be on first or second page !
Let me explain you how this would go , Suppose someone puts in a search term ” watch DLF ipl 2012 ” online or “best apps for ipl updates ” then if your Blog/website has covered this article with all Keywords you should be seeing yourself in first or at-least second page , provided its a quality article and you are really offering something unique to your readers ! Ultimately more traffic from search engines !
Ultimate Advantage
This would go around for 53 days nearly and if you start getting 200-300 Pageviews for such an article then its a complete merry as for this duration this much pageviews , No one would like to miss !
I have myself cashed in on this and already wrote 2 quality articles on this Topic which will go trending soon , So i advise you all yo hurry up and don’t waste time to make Money and get huge traffic from search engines !

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