Make money with Yahoo Jobs

Yahoo serves 15.9% of the online searches within the United States. This is in comparison to the 65.5% served by Google and the 14.1% served by Bing. This means that for any given market it is worthwhile to dominate non Google search results and a business or individual can make money with Yahoo. Think of it this way, would you rather dominate 16% of searches or be 1 of 20 that are found in 65% of searches. This is the way the numbers play out. With Yahoo you can dominate easier and compete against fewer competitors. With Google you will likely never dominate and always be competing against ten times the number of competitors. If you have been struggling with Google, hold a meeting with your marketing team and set your sights to make money with Yahoo.

How to make money with Yahoo

There are two primary ways to make money with Yahoo. The first is to run ads from their ad platform and the second is to have your website show up in the top search results for related searches to your business. The first, running ads, is a worthwhile plan. Google is a crowded marketplace and even though major players advertise on both Google and yahoo many smaller players do not. This instantly reduces competition and if you are competing against all small competitors, it is possible you will be able to easily dominate your niche. This means you will get top billing on 16% of searches whereas with Google you are paying more to share ad space with 20 others. Yes, there is more exposure, but the return on advertising investment is oftentimes greater with the lower competition within Yahoo.
The second way to make money with Yahoo is to have your site show up in the top ten search results for related searches to your business that are made on Yahoo. While your competition is fighting to rank in the top ten on Google, you can focus on your Yahoo ranking and gain the upper hand. This is important to understand. When it comes to search engines, if you are not in the top ten, you might as well be number 100 or 10,000. This means that if the top ten on Google are dominated by your competitors that you will never be able to surpass, you should then set your sights on Yahoo. The ways to rank on each search engine are different. Therefore a person attempting to rank on Google will not necessarily be able to do as well on Yahoo. Since your competition is all focusing on Google, your focus on Yahoo will get you to the first page and at least get you a piece of that 16% of searches. This is much better than being even #11 of 65% of searches, number eleven might as well be 10,000.
To make money with Yahoo is a decision that few companies choose, but the trend is getting stronger. As companies realize that it is statistically more cost effective to drive business through second tier search engines than it is to compete on Google. This is a strategic decision that can make the difference between not getting any online business and getting a piece of the online business market. Choosing Yahoo is smart business.
There is certainly the time and place for competing on Google, but that is when you already have business and are making enough money to enter into the main battle. But most businesses are content with getting enough business from the interent to make their business profitable. Yahoo can make this happen. Then you can fight for Google business once your balance sheet is strong.

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