How Protect your Email from Spamming

Lately, have you started to receive a lot of junk mails and couldn’t figure out the reason for it.Well, this could have happened because you have written your email on a website ,forum ,blog or might have subscribed to a spammy website. Email marketers use special bots that are programmed to automatically collect email ids from websites.

If you don’t take precautionary measures you might become their victim and your mailbox will be filled with thousands of spam emails daily. If you have to share your email its better to encrypt it so that bots can’t identify it. You should also password protect and encrypt your emails before sending them for additional security.

How to Protect your Email Address on Internet:

  • Go to This Website
  • In the Email field give your Email which you want to protect and then click on Protect my email.
  • Now in the window you will see the Scrimmed URL of your Email Address. Use this URL in future instead of revealing your original Email Address.

Now whenever you have to share your email address ,simply paste the skimmed url. To get your email address the user has to click on the skimmed address and  pass the  Captcha.

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