How To Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
Creating a facebook page for your blog is a must. This facebook page spreads like word of mouth. I set up the facebook blog engage page about a month ago and we have 350 people that have already liked it. I should had started it long ago but like you I’m still learning. Do as I say and not as I do, add the facebook fan page and like button into your marketing plan ASAP.
We all know twitter is am amazing marketing tool. Add a follow badge to your website or blog and start marketing your articles with their community. Follow your readers and build relationships with them. In return they will eventually market and tweet your articles. When one of your blog readers or followers tweet your article be sure to return the favor. It’s important to give back and not always be the one receiving.
Blog Engage
social media add friendsBlog Engage has a lot of great people in the community that are waiting for you to share your content. The point of the site is to submit your written content, members vote on it and if it’s engaged enough your article is published to the front page. For the record I am the founder and owner of Blog Engage so if this sounds bias it just may be. Blog Engage is a social networking community for bloggers and blog articles only.
Dev is a dedicated member at Blog Engage and has started his very own social media marketing community. I recommend joining and participating. You will see many familiar faces there and again it’s a community full of blogger like you and me waiting to help share and promote with one another.
Feedback and Discussions
Let me know your thoughts on the topic and suggestions. Are you already doing this to promote your website or blogs? Have you been developing your online relationships using twitter and facebook? Do you have some other ideas we can add to the article on how to generate traffic from forums?? I would love to hear your thoughts I’m always open to a great discussion.

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