Winner of Blog Design Team Giveaway and Exciting News for New Bloggers

oday, we pronounce the lucky winner of the Blog Design Team Giveaway, the winner will get a free premium logo design by Blog Design Team made especially for his/her blog or business website. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the giveaway, and wish them more luck next times, don’t worry, we won’t stop giving a way awesome stuff for bloggers.
I will also share with you some exciting new that I’ve got from Liane the founder of Blog Design Team. She has launched a very special promo for new bloggers, Liane is really supportive and wants to help new bloggers to get a profitional logo design for their business blogs.

So… To celebrate, and to kickstart her plans for Blog Design Team’s first year anniversary, Liane is giving a big discount on  premium logo designs for new bloggers.

Blog Design Team Giveaway Winner

As you may know, we have organized the giveaway using app, which uses to pick the winner.
The free premium logo design giveaway goes to Agate!
Agate made a really interesting comment on the Blog Design Team Giveaway post:
 Would love to win a logo for one of my outside work project. I do not have much money to dedicate to a logo, so I hope I get lucky! My project is top create a home-restaurant. Instead of going to the restaurant for dinner you come in my appartment and we organize a night for you and other people. It is very social and helps me share my passion for food with my boyfriend! Thanks for this cool contest.
My reply is : WOW! :)
Congratulations Agate, and I hope you will have a great logo for your coming project! Don’t forget to share it with us when it’s up, good luck!

Now, that we are done!

What is it that you need to get for your blog?

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