Google Adsense Approval Trick 2011 New


Go to  apply a fourm with corrent information with corrent
paye name. but remember we are going to disapprove this application
put wrong url in  site url  like
put url which is not working.and submit application you got disapprove email after 1 hour.

Step 2

go to   apply a fourm with any paye name with good address information
and put this like same as  this in site Url
now submit this got partial approval email after 1 hour.

step 3

now  open this link

when you open this login with partial approval email pw.

then  a swithch account fourm will b open

1.Corrent payee name which we used in  dissapproval  application a partial approval email in 2nd box......setup2 a dissapproval Email in 3rd box....setup1

now come bottom and  place  0 (zero) in impression box
 now tick in 2 field and  submit after maximam 10 mintues you got email on both emails
that your account is switched and your partial approval email was compeltely closed and your disapproved account is now approved
 now you can  login your adsense account with  your dissapproved account which in now  fully approved

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