Earning Cash With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Jobs

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. The reason is it offers a level playing field for big and small players. Literally all top companies have an affiliate program, this article will exclusively deal with ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate platform that deals entirely with downloadable products, thereby removing the time required for shipping. The affiliates can see the income right away, which makes it the best company for affiliates to work with. There is no need to maintain a stockpile or worry about shipping. The affiliate need not worry about the authenticity of the vendor, as ClickBank will take care of it. The best part about ClickBank is the affiliates need not speak with the customers, if the customer had any problem then ClickBank support team with provide customer support. All these factors make ClickBank the ideal platform to work with.

ClickBank – How to Start?

Visit the site here ClickBank, signup using the signup form. Verify your email and you start right away. They offer commission through two methods, either by check or direct deposit. For availing direct deposit, you need to deposit a minimum of 2 checks before opting for Direct Deposit. Once you set up your account the next step is choosing the products.
ClickBank offers thousands of products to promote. It will be overwhelming to start with so you need to follow a set of procedure. You need to decide on the niche in which you want to work with. A niche is subset of a big domain for example
Weight Loss is a big area, and if you select ‘diet for weight loss’ then it is a smaller niche, but if you select ‘Atkins Diet for Weight Loss’ then it is a micro niche. When it comes to micro niche, the competition will be less and you can easily rank your product/site at the top to get natural search engine traffic.

ClickBank – How to Select a Product:

When it comes to ClickBank the hot niches are weight loss, travel and making money online. Once you have decided the niche, then you need to decide on the product, there is a set of guidelines in deciding a product to sell.
1)      Clickbank products generally offer 50-75% commission, so if you sell a product worth 100 dollars you can earn up to 75 dollars, no other affiliate program offers this much commission. So the first rule is to opt for a product with higher commission percentage.
2)       The cost of the product should be more than 30 dollars. If you are promoting a low value product then you need to sell more products to get a decent income. So opt for a product whose value is above 30 dollars.
3)      Check for gravity. Gravity is a term used by ClickBank to rate the popularity of the product among affiliates. If the gravity is too high, then it means that the product is promoted by many affiliates and there is a huge competition.  If the gravity is too low then it means that means the product is not popular. So select a product with gravity of 30 and above and below 100.
4)      You can also check for the provision of rebilling. There are many products which are sold in the form of subscription and the customers will be billed monthly and you can benefit a lot as you will get monthly commissions from clickbank even if you sell the product only once.
5)      Another important thing to note is the availability of vendor spotlight/affiliate resource page. The product that you are going to promote should have banner, articles and keywords to help you promote their product. If it is available then it makes the life of affiliates easier.

Video on How to Select a Clickbank Product to Promote

ClickBank Products – How to Promote

It is not easy to sell any product, you need to plan and put in efforts to run a successful campaign. If you don’t have sufficient budget then you can start blogging through a blogger or set up a basic WordPress site with a good domain name related to the ClickBank Product. It is not difficult to start blogger.
Check the following pages for more Details.
1)      How to promote ClickBank Products by Setting up a Blogger.
2)      How to set up a WordPress based site to promote ClickBank Products.(for less than 9 dollars)
Once your website/blogger is ready, you can blog about the ClickBank product. You can also write reviews about the ClickBank Products.
The second method of promotion is Email marketing. Email Marketing is a popular technique affiliates use to promote their products. For this an auto responder is needed to follow-up with prospective customers. An auto responder will cost you around 20 dollars a month however there are some free auto responders as well. So go for a good and free auto responder like Mailchimp tobuild your list and promote your product.
The other promotional method is the PPC or CPM ads. You can open an AdWords account and start promoting you website through google ads; however you need good amount of investment and knowledge in designing the ads for google AdWords. Promoting ClickBank products is becoming difficult with Google AdWords and there are lot of terms and conditions in creating an ad for promoting a ClickBank product.  Keyword research is very important and you need to target the right keywords to make the most out of your campaign budget. (We will be shortly releasing a series on how to promote products through google AdWords successfully). It may be best to purchase a course or do your own research before attempting this technique.

Clickbank – Income and other details

As an affiliate of the ClickBank Corporation, you are an independent contractor. Once you cross  $600 in commissions you will be asked to enter your social security number for individuals and EIN for businesses. You cannot opt for direct deposits unless you deposit your first two checks in the account in which you are looking to get direct deposits. There are also few countries for which clickbank don’t support direct deposits, so check those details about the payment.

Clickbank – The Cons:

There are a few negative aspects about Clickbank
1)      There are a few substandard products offered by vendors, so you need to keep away from them.
2)      The conversion rates will not be as high as promoting a physical product as people know what they are going to get in a physical product. But Clickbank compensate the lower conversion by offering a higher commission rate.
3)      Clickbank charges a processing fee of 2.5 dollars for every payment, so if you are a small time player you will be losing 2.5 dollars biweekly from your revenues.
4)      There are many products which don’t offer proper affiliate resources like banners, articles, keywords and landing pages.
Despite these negatives clickbank by a far margin is an affiliate’s dream company to work with. Promoting Clickbank products is one of the easiest ways to makhttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=3021479112813784806e money online.

Recommended Method for a Readymade Clickbank Business

If you don’t want all these hassles and if you want to start off right away then you should go for this program called as CB Pirate. It offers a ready-made solution for you to start of with a Clickbank Affiliate Marketing program, you can start earning cash with in days of starting off with this program. We highly recommend CB Pirate Program.

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