Mak Money Pinterest Image Optimization, Using Pinterest for Brand Exposure

Pinterest undoubtedly has been one of those social networks that has been getting a lot of attention from internet users, and not only. Since it started to get noticed, there has been a never ending flow of news, information, blog posts, etc., on how to use Pinterest for business, for brand exposure, and basically, how to do things right. Guides, ebooks, articles, how-to’s, videos, Pinterest clones, etc., are all over. Don’t know about you, but when something like these gets so much attention from users and businesses, I want to think that the site is providing value, and with that in mind, is most likely to get the search engine bots attention as well.
I don’t know what “you” think about Pinterest and what value, if any, do you think it may have for your business, exposure, relationship building, traffic, lead generation, search engine optimization and all that. I for one am not that favorable of being “active” in yet another social network, but in Pinterest’s case, I am opening an exception and see how things work out. Ultimately, it really depends if you think that you can provide value for the Pinterest community and how it can be beneficial for you.
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Anyway, the  ulterior objective of this post was to help you as a Pinterest user, with some tips to help your images stand out and get as much repin as possible (pretty much the same concept as RT on Twitter). With over 12 million users (and counting),  posting pictures to the image-based social network that are properly optimized, may help a great deal to ensure that you get the attention you are looking for from the community. A properly optimized pin can make a lot of difference, and having a lot of repins (RPs), not only can take your image to the popular pages of Pinterest, but may also help you with your SEO link building campaign.
The infographic below, courtesy of Pinnable Business, provides some of the best practices to maximize your images on Pinterest.
pinterest image optimization
That’s it! So are you a Pinterest user? What do you think about this image-based network? Share your thoughts.

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