Free Get More Traffic Using Long Tail Keywords SEO Strategy

How ecstatic would you be to see a huge increase in your Adsense income? Most blogger’s would be jumping up and down if they saw a steady increase in their Adsense income with little to no time commitment from themselves.
As we all know, getting traffic from Google is the best way to increase your Adsense income. And it just so happens, that is what I want to talk about today. I am not a guru when it comes to Adsense income, however, I do know what it takes to get a lot of traffic to an already growing site.

Long Tail Keywords Are Better Than You Think

Increase Site Traffic
One of the best ways to get more traffic from search engines is to target long tail keywords. Why spend months targeting a very competitive keyword that gets 5,000 searches per month when you could target 10 keywords with 500 searches per month that have little to no competition whatsoever? There is no point in doing this if your goal is to increase your Adsense income.
Should you target larger keywords? Yes, but that should not be your priority right now. The reason I say this is because the money is in long tail keywords, not the high traffic keywords. Just think, what would happen if your site was dropped from that one main keyword – you would lose everything that you worked so hard for. On the other hand you could target a bunch of small keywords and risk next to nothing while still reaping all the benefits. High traffic keywords are great, however, if you want to make money quick, then long tail keywords are the way to go.
Now that you know why you need to get ranked for long tail keywords in order to increase your Adsense income, I want to show you the best way to go about it.
Yes, I am talking about building backlinks!
Whether you are trying to rank for a 2 word keyphrase or a 20 word keyphrase, you will need to build backlinks. What you should be aware of though, is that not all backlinks are good. The best backlinks that you can get will come from natural linking from other websites or from guest blogging. Being that natural linking from other websites is completely out of your hands, lets stick with guest blogging.

How To Write Guest Posts?

Start With Research – Before you write any guest post you should always start with some research. Even though you might know what you want to write about, there is always a chance that you don’t know one very important fact. I am not saying that you will need to do research on every guest post, but it can’t hurt to spend 5-10 minutes looking for additional information that you can add to your guest post.
Write With A Purpose – Do you know the purpose of writing your guest post? Are you doing it just to get a quick backlink? If that is the case, then you probably won’t do it right. When writing with a purpose you need to make sure that you are leaving the readers with something information. This is why it is key that you have enough research behind you.
Address All Key Points – Lets say I was going to tell you how to train your dog to sit down. I would want to address everything from tips to training your dog, the method that you should use, how to praise your dog and what to do when your dog learns that trick. If you don’t address all key points in a guest post, then the readers might be left wanting much, much more and this is never a good way to gain exposure.
Submit To Relevant Blogs – The last thing that you should do is submit your guest post to relevant blogs. A lot of people think they can get away with writing a general guest post and submitting it to a line of 10 blogs. Trust me, this is not the way to go. If you don’t submit to a relevant blog then the chances of your guest post being accepted are pretty slim. Just do yourself and the blogger a favor and make sure you submit to a blog that can use your article or else you are just wasting both of your time
If your goal is to use guest posts for backlinking purposes, then it is your job to make sure they are going to be accepted by the blog that you submitted them to. With that said, you will need to take your time when writing so in order to pack as much quality content into your guest post as you possibly can.
Tip: When building backlinks to your website, make sure you change the anchor text often. By this I mean you should not link back to your site using the same anchor text time and time again, change it by at least one word each time.

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