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Earning Money from Internet
Question like “how to earn money from internet ” remains evergreen to make-money-online-aspirants worldwide. Somewhere the reason for this sort of query maybe unethical lay off of employees, somewhere it is offline failure and in most cases it is kind of a fantacy to earn money from internet. Many people are having a wrong perception about Internet that one can get-rich-quick through internet doing almost nothing which is a complete misconception. Internet has got a market place just like offline world has. In order to take advantage of any market one needs to be educated about Internet Marketing and take action in a properly planned way. If you are born poor it’s not your fault, if you die poor it’s yours. You have resources. Take full advantage of it. You can’t blame your father for your present condition anymore. Build career of your own. Start from scratch if needed.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do

Negative people are all around to discourage you and make mockery out of your actions. But you can not afford to stop what you are iron determined to do. It’s always better to not to mingle with people having negative attitude though not always possible. Let me tell you a short story of mine. When I first started playing guitar, lot of my friends used to say “stop this least guitar is not for you”. This is nothing but a typical example of negative attitude. I took that easy and kept going ahead because I was 100% confident that I must make it. When I started playing and singing songs I like, one of those friends urged me to teach him guitar.   Moreover I started a guitar blog ( on free blogger platform where I post guitar chords of Bengali songs. And Man, it makes money online from AdSense. Moral of the story was, do not let others discourage you from your goal-to-be-achieved.
You need a +ve Mindset
And this mindset thing is very very crucial to any sort of success stories irrespective of online or offline.  You need to be of a positive mindset. If you say ”I can do it” or  ”I can’t do it” , either way you are right. Going ahead with a I-can-do-it attitude is what you should always practice.  Alter how you think and try to elevate your individual capacity. Generally there are two kinds of mindset. Fixed mindset and Growth Mindset.  There is a saying like “If you continue to do the same thing , you will keep getting same results”. You will find lot of people who keeps doing a certain no brainer task all along his/her life and earns a never-growing salary. Whereas some people always want to grow their income level, elevate his lifestyle and others. Every successful people on earth always had a growth mindset of their own. You should too. Otherwise you have to be satisfied with limited success or none of it.
Organise yourself
More you organise yourself, more productive you will become. For example, organising your file/folders in such a way that you can find something quicker. Instead of using 5 email address, you can use one and integrate other services with your main email. Use Google Calender. Use Evernote for note taking purpose.
You got to educate yourself about internet marketing
This is by far the most important thing you should consider if you are really serious about earning money from internet. Your first aim would be to gather knowledge about the overview of internet marketing and then go as deeper as you need to. Always consider yourself as a student with extraordinary learning curve. Consider learning SEO with utmost care as because this SEO thing is a key to get server-loads of traffic without paying anything to Google.
You have to be focused..
Internet marketing is a very very broader perspective. After you understand how things work, you should get yourself focused to your chosen money making models. You may consider going for two to three ways to earn money from internet. Let me make it clear by an example, as you know there are countless ways to earn money online, you need to be focused with one or two. You may consider AdSense and Affiliate marketing for example.
You need a proper planning
Planning is always project specific. Planning would be based upon the profitability of a project. Suppose you want to create an AdSense site/blog. You must chalk out a clear plan for the same. First thing is to see the profitability of your site/blog. Without conducting a proper keyword research you can not come to a conclusion.
In case you want to make a freelance career, plan on proving yourself as an expert of your subject.
Knowing everything will not do…Be an Action taker..
You will find lot of people who are mere talkers, not doers. If you fall in the same category, get yourself out of that loop asap and start taking action as you planned. It’s always easier to say how to do things. When it comes to the real execution of it, you may find it difficult/boring or extremely time taking. But you can not afford to stop at any point as you are having a growth mindset. If you are decided to create a site on a specific niche, start immediately. Procrastination of any sort is detrimental to your business endeavor.
With investment vs Without Investment
Thinking of earning money from internet without investment  is sort of a killer attitude. Though most of the money making programs available on net are free to join, it takes monetary investment to make them work. Free is not always good, mind you. You should not ever hesitate to pump in some money where it is really needed. For example, buying a domain name or hosting or buying some SEO tools can be a solid investment to your online business. Finding it difficult to purchase online? Either open an account with Entropay.Com or Get an HDFC Netsafe Card.
Develop Salesmanship in yourself
Wherever you go, you need to build up salesmanship quality in yourself. Otherwise you will not be able to convince people to take any sort of actions. Concentrate on communication skills and listen what others have to say.
Think & act like an entrepreneur
Thinking, planning and taking actions as per the action plan will get you where you want to be.

Technical aspects of earning money from internet

Most of the beginners get frightened with the technical aspects of making money online. Mind you, Rome wasn’t build in a day. You have to lend your time and brain in order to master it. Regardless of whether you outsource your online tasks or not, you must be having a fair knowledge of what is what. Otherwise anyone can make you fool. When it comes to do some onsite  SEO  or connecting  web server by FTP client, many become technically challenged. One with an average mind and free online resources can easily master the technicalities needed to become an internet entrepreneur.

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