Free Make Money Online Strategy in 2012 Beyond

It’s not so, that the basics of making money online changes over time, but things get updated time to time, strategy which worked in 2011 might not be working in 2012 and beyond, therefore writing on something like “make money online in 2012″ is kind of justified.
Strategy of making money online in 2012 will be different for different people. Strategy will be different for people who could not make any money from internet till date than that of those who are already making some. Strategy would be different with the kind of market, marketing style, and the money making model  you want to be associated with. And of course, your strategy is bound to be different with the kind of mindset you have. If you are looking for no-investment-way to make money online in 2012, you have to handle with a tough time. Think like an entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to pump in money where you know you are going to get a good return out of your investment.
Don’t forget the truth, “it takes money to make money”
It’s not unlikely that you spent lot of your time online trying to make money from the internet, wasted your invaluable time trying something to do with free opportunities, wasted money in paid survey scams and on..
Maybe you tried to make money with Google AdSense and eventually lost hope, may be you tried to become an Affiliate Marketer and couldn’t make a single sale or have got limited success in it.
So what should be your strategy to make money online in 2012?
Your strategy should be creating effective websites or blogs which will make you real money. Mind you, just creating countless websites or WordPress blogs will not take you anywhere if you do not do it right. When I say Blogs I mean WordPress Blogs with your own domain and hosting.
Even  before you buy a domain name either for your website or blogs, you need to take a vital decision regarding choosing your subject/topic. In internet marketing terminology it’s called niche. In order to profit from  niche sites/blogs you need to find out a niche where people are already spending money for different products/services or looking for information like anything. If a make-money-online aspirant fails here, in all probability he/she will not be making any money from his marketing endevour or will have to be satisfied with limited success.
Let me tell you some known-to-all profit making niches
Gaming etc.
But these are huge niches. You need to be very very focused if you want to avoid unnecessary competitions. You should be targeting a sub niche or micro niche where competition is less and the no. of searchers (size of the market) as well. So in 2012, it’s not enough to know the bigger niche where people are hungry to buy products/services you have to offer. You need to be laser targeted to a small niche where you do not need to fight with harsh competition or do not have to cash out big bucks for SEO.
Now the big question is
How do you find out your best fit profitable niche?
You can do it by manual research. You can use tools for the same. Tools can find out niches you have never heard of from anybody before. Micro niche finder, Niche spider like niche research tools are there to stay. Don’t just go by your own passion and interests for choosing a niche for your site/blogs. Think like a marketer. Find out which is profitable for you. Getting quality content is not a big deal if you are willing to spend some time and money.
Lets say you decided to make a site on “colon cleansing”. Ok. Fine. Now you need to decide the purpose of your site. Are you willing to make an AdSense site or an Affiliate site? Based upon these your site structure, style of content writing and most importantly “keywords would be different”. In case of AdSense site you can write on general keywords on cosmetic surgery like ” disadvantage of colon cleansing” but for an affiliate site you need to target “buyers keyword” where people are already done with their research and will come to your site with an open-to-buy attitude.
Domain registration can happen after you are decided with your niche. In this case you will try to book a domain name like Coloncleansing.Com.  But it’s needless to say that it is already booked. Well here is your domain name selection guide.
You need hosting service to make your site live on internet. Find a host which provides 99.99% uptime and having a good support. Hostgator is considered to be number one. Change the name servers of your registered domain by the name servers given by your hosting company.
If you are thinking of websites, then you have to get your site designed by web designers. WordPress is a good free content management software which can be installed in the root server or any sub-domain you like with few clicks. It’s better to go with WordPress blogs installing it to the root directory of your server. I have seen many people get frightened with this sort of terminologies. If you are with a right mindset you should never get frightened or upset with all these. There are lot of free tutorials and guides to learn all these. if you are comfortable with English, you can learn for free and  install WordPress blog of your own.
Your website or blog is ready now. You need to write content for it. As I said earlier, you need to do your keyword research now in order to find out the keywords or keyword phrase you want to target. Free AdWord keyword tool would suffice your keyword research purpose irrespective of the type of sites
What the heck is SEO and why you should deal with it?
SEO is the technique of getting your site or blog (web pages or blog post for the targeted keyword to be specific) ranked in the search engine result pages or out ranking your competitors in the result pages. SEO is of two types. Onsite SEO & Offsite SEO.
Before you learn SEO from anybody else, you must listen to Google. Go here to learn what Google has to say regarding SEO. SEO is the best and free way to bring targeted potential customers/visitors to your website.

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