Free Best SEO Plugins For WordPress 2012

  • Make Your WordPress Site Perform Faster (includes plugins not mentioned here)
  • Review of CloudFlare: Boost Your Sites Security and Performance (Free CDN)
  • Find WordPress Plugins That Affect Your Sites Performance
SEO For WordPress
Anyway, if you noticed in my previous paragraph, I mentioned that bad users experience is not good. Obviously, the contrary is what really matters, and anything that you do that can improve users experience is good for SEO, period.
That said, the first part dealt with on-page SEO and the “added technical” stuff necessary to enhance WordPress and its SEO capabilities. Rewind a bit, and you will find that my Best SEO practices for 2012 talks about other important elements you should consider in your SEO campaign.  The following plugins, deals with those “other” (or related) SEO factors. These are the ones I personally recommend. While these may not be directly related to on-page optimization, they form an integral part of your SEO efforts, considering that social engagement, page speed, authorship markup, to name just a few, now play an important role to rank well on search engines. Please note that there are some plugins that are available in both free and premium version (clearly marked), despite this being kept to a minimum.


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