Free Optimizing Ads for Organic Search: A Guaranteed SEO Tool

Until recently, organic and paid search engine optimization techniques were considered to be mutually exclusive from each other. It was assumed that one does not have any influence on the other. But this is not so. A recent study has shown that paid ad campaigns definitely affect the organic search results.

Brand Recall Principle

Advertising works on a very simple principle called recall value. If we see something a number of times and it has a strong emotional impact on us, we tend to remember and recall it easily in future. Our memory does not store information in words but in pictures. This fact is greatly exploited in creating advertisements. Look at any popular advertisement and you can notice that it would be visually appealing and will try to touch some kind of emotion.
All advertising is based on this and advertisements are compared based on this parameter called brand recall value. Suppose you see a brand name on the bill board on your way to work. You will not take any immediate action still the advertisers pay a lot of money to make it visible there.
The reason is that when you are in a situation to choose from all available brands, the brand name you are able to recall first has an edge over the others.

Paid Advertising and Brand Recall

The performance of paid advertising is usually checked through click through rates. If you place a paid advertisement on some web site, it is easy to check the number of visitors received through it. However, even if they do not click on the advertisement but see it, it creates an impression in their mind.
There is no way to track the actions taken by such users in future, but it does make a difference. Therefore, at some places you need to pay the cost of advertisement based on the number of impressions it receives and not on the number of clicks or purchases.

Paid Advertising Influences Search Habits

It has been observed that at the time paid advertising campaigns are run, the organic search numbers also rise. If a video goes viral on Facebook, people start searching about it on Google. This is very obvious and research confirms that this happens almost every time.

How to Optimize Ads for Organic SEO Gains

Well, as everyone has joined the social media band wagon, there is no dearth of social media gurus who attempt to popularize their brands through various social media campaigns. Though social media marketing is very different from traditional marketing, but it still holds some similarities and one of them is brand recall value. You may have a very good video going viral on YouTube and Facebook but what do the users see? What do they think of when they think of the video? Is it your brand name? Well it should be.
This is where we need good keyword analysis. Right keywords should be chosen while creating the advertisements, writing press releases and any other paid form of advertisement. Make sure your brand name is clearly visible and creates an impact on the minds of the viewers.
Using your brand name in paid advertisements is a sure shot way to get the most out of every dollar spent in advertising. Well optimized ads definitely improve the organic search engine ranking positions (SERPs) of your website. Mindful and well researched paid advertising is a guaranteed SEO tool for organic searches.

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