How to Change Gmail Account on Android Market without Factory Reset

This is very simple step, but many of users still dizzy thinking how to remove my Gmail account from Android market without doing a Factory Reset.
Yes, Google has “patch” that every users should register their Gmail account if they want to download apps or games from Android Market. But, sadly, you can’t change the email address once its confirmed.
Actually, you can erase and register new or another Gmail account, but you have to do a Factory Reset. But if you do this step, you can erase almost anything on your phone, like contacts, photos, messages etc.
I have a simple tutorial how to remove your GMail account on Android Market without doing Factory reset. OK, follow this step :
IMPORTANT : You have to root your Android handheld first! If your device isn’t rooted yet, this tutorial won’t work!
1. Download Root Explorer from Android Market
2. Explore to /data/system/ and find this file : accounts.db
3. Delete that file (accounts.db)
4. Reboot your Android device.
5. Walla…you can register another account :)

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