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Now we understood, the importance of writing more blog posts as well as the importance of using right keywords in blog posts. When it comes to blogging, it is good to maintain a writing schedule.
Because, blogging is a long term process and you have to produce information through out the life cycle of blogging. It is not like, you sit one day and write 100 articles continuously – you will become mad.
In order to keep your blog alive, you have to write frequently and when you do that in a “constant phase”, it works well.
  • For example, have a schedule to write at least 2 articles per day. If you continue doing this, your readers will expect that “2 new articles” every day as well as search engines will do regular crawling of your web site every day.
  • Definitely, search engines will have that variation like: web sites with frequent updates, web sites with less frequent updates because, they have to balance the crawling load.
  • There must be a +1 credit to web sites that are frequently updated too.
  • Learn to schedule your blog posts
So write often with a schedule. Now its your turn, if you don’t have such writing schedule, plan it and follow strictly…

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