New What are the indirect methods to making money online with Google

Google Search Engine: Now everyone should know about, right? If you do your SEO properly, you have greater chances of ranking well in the SERPs. By this you get more traffic and more traffic is closer to getting more conversions. Google has provided an excellent eBook which to me is one of the best seo tips ever made public by Mr. G.
Google Webmaster Tools: As part of your SEO campaign, the one thing that you should definitely do is submit your site to be more visible to search engines (includes, Bing, Blekko, etc.). Google webmaster tools gathers statistic and technical data which are very useful for your SEO. In addition you can use the “search queries” feature where you can further improve your earnings by using Google’s webmaster tools.
Google Analytics (GA): Same as Google webmaster tools, GA provides a plethora of information where publishers can leverage search data or content on their website. Drive specific products available through Google Affiliate Network advertisers or any affiliate program for that matter. Here is an example of how to increase conversions using your most viewed articles in GA.
Google Insights/Trends: Knowing what people are looking for is “virtually” the first step to successful marketing. Google Insights and Trends provides you with search trend data that you can use to “pinpoint” hot searches and subsequently market products or services accordingly. Considering that December is a month where many people spend money online to buy stuff, why not give it a try and promote hot products with think holiday.
Google Ad Planner: This tool Increases your website’s visibility and ensure the most compelling description and traffic data to what matters most, to advertisers. You should really use this as it helps a lot. Here is more info about Google’s Ad Planner. How can I forget about the blogging platform that got me started in all this. Google’s Blogger solution is accessible to anyone and have been constantly upgraded and improved over the years. If you are just starting your online journey and not sure whether you should immediately go for a self hosted platform, or on a tight budget, has the necessary ingredients to get you started. It is easy to use and is ready for AdSense, GAN and With some limitations, there is no reason why you can’t start making money online with Google right away.

That’s it. I think that pretty much covers all the ways to make money from Google. I deliberately left out Google’s AdWords as this requires an investment and I am of the opinion that we should first try to use the free tools before jumping in paid advertising. Obviously there should be something that I missed out and for that, we all would appreciate you letting us know by saying it on the comment section. What other ways to making money online with Google that you know of?

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