Free Why should you claim your Blog at Technorati

Technorati is basically a blog search engine. Everyday lot of people search  in Technorati to find the kind of blogs they want to read as  they know that whole lot of quality blogs are listed there at Technorati. A blog should be listed on Technorati for the following reasons.

  • Traffic or visitors from Technorati itself.
  • SEO reason
  • Networking with fellow Bloggers
After you sign up at Technorati , you will get to see option like “claim your blog”.  Put your blog’s url and claim. Technorati will send you an email containing a claim token number. In my case the token no is 74BK459JMKFF.That claim token has to be used to verify the ownership of the blog.
The bad part of the verification process is that the Blogger has to insert the token code inside a blog post which is kind of a primitive way of ownership verification. Technorati should behave like a grown-up kid rather. Anyways, which can not be cured, must be endured.
In order to get a blog  verified at Technorati, your  blog needs an RSS Feed (Go to feedburner and burn an RSS feed for your blog)
Your blog RSS Feed should look like .  OnlineMoneyKey.Com’s RSS feed is
Fill up other details like 3 other blogs linking to the blog you would like to claim. Tags etc. Write a blog post in order to insert your token code inside the blog post.
After you publish your post containing the Technorati token code, you need to go to your Technorati account and verify the claim. Rest is up to Technorati.  In fact I wrote this post in an innovative way to publish the token number only.
Update : One very important factor in claiming your blog at Technorati is the type of RSS feed you provide. If it is a full feed then you can insert your token code anywhere in your blog post. But if your RSS feed provides an excerpt then you must insert your token code in such a way so that it gets displayed in the excerpt section of your blog post. If your feed excerpt is first 40 words then you need to insert your token code within the first 40 words. Otherwise change it to the full feed for the time being till your blog is claimed at Technorati. You can delete the blog post containing the claim token only after your blog is claimed.

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