Free Youtube Jobs

Making money through YouTube is fairly easy to do, if you know what you are doing. This site is ranked number 4 in traffic rank in the USA and ranked number 3 on, making it one of the biggest and most successful sites on the Internet. 

YouTube gets over one billion views each and every day. That's a number roughly equal to one sixth of the people on this planet. That's impressive by any standards. All you need to make money through YouTube is a few hundred every day. Here's how to tap into a tiny, but profitable, drop of the daily YouTube traffic. 

1. If you know how to do something, and it doesn't have to be something complicated, make a short video explaining the steps someone else needs to take to do it. For example, make a video explaining how to FTP files to a web space. 

You can make a PowerPoint presentation, record it with screen capture software and add a commentary. It can be that simple. At the end of the video promote something like web hosting, or an FTP program, as an affiliate. Then all you need to do is upload your video to YouTube. 

2. You can make effective videos with Windows Movie Maker, built in to the popular Windows operating system. It isn't a very sophisticated piece of software, but it can do a good job if you are careful. Use images to tell a simple story. You could make it funny perhaps, and at the end of the video you can promote a product as an affiliate. 

If your video can entertain the viewer, and if the product you promote has a kind of universal appeal - that is, the average person is likely to want it, then you should make sales from the people who decide to go to the website. Simply display the web address at the end of the short video, and don't forget to tell the viewers to go there and buy it. 

3. Don't just rely on YouTube visitors to find and look at your video. Get proactive! Use well researched keywords when you upload your videos. Use keywords that have a good search number, but relatively low competition count. This will help the page your video is on to rank in Google. 

Go further still. Submit the RSS feed of your video page to all the RSS aggregators. Build back links to the page to help it rank better. Bookmark the page on social bookmarking sites. Submit it as a story toDigg , Propeller , Mixx and others. 

Submit the RSS feeds of your submitted stories to the aggregators. Get more back links. If you can get the page your YouTube video is on to rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing, you will get a lot more visitors. If you get more visitors, you will make more sales. 

The trick of making money with YouTube is not really about employing any particular technique. It's about persevering and not giving up. Try to think outside the box. Keep pushing the page. Most people post a video, sit back and wait. Don't! Keep moving forward.

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