Free Pay Per CALL

Pay per call (PPCall) was originally a billing system generally known as "900" calls (because most pay per call services used numbers in the 9xx range), where the phone company bills the caller a fee which is passed on to the owner of the number called. This service was predominantly used for billing phone sex services on a pay per minute basis. In 2005 and with significant help from Google, an inverted web variant of PPCall was introduced, similar to online pay per click (PPC) advertising. With the web based PPCall service however, the call fee is charged to the merchant and paid to the web service provider for connecting the consumer to the advertised number. In 2010, functionality was extended for smart mobile phones so that the user could connect by clicking the phone number link, without having to dial the number manually.

Pay per call services is believed to be a better solution to connect potential customers to advertisers.

How it works !

A majority of original direct PPCall providers used web forms or optimized landing pages to help generate phone calls. On web based advertising platforms, merchants define their relevant key terms, choose desired categories and a geographic area for the ad to appear (local, regional or national). From there, they create their ad, containing their company name, address, a short description and a trackable toll free telephone number of the PPCall provider, which redirects to the advertiser's actual phone number. This type of advertisement is popular with Yellow Pages companies.

The PPCall provider system is a virtual PBX hosted phone operation used to track, record, forward and account for every call, and captures all caller detailscaller info, date and time, calling number etc. Calls can be automatically forwarded to the advertiser or sent to a call center where potential prospects are qualified before being passed

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