Free Website Design

Website design is big business on the Internet with thousands of companies all competing for a piece of the pie. There are companies that will charge you thousands - even tens of thousands - for website design. Do you really need this to be successful online? No! You do not. 

There are plenty of places where you can learn the basic of website design free.Entheos is one good resource, and The Site Wizard is another. Go through these sites at your own pace and learn all you can. You can also Google "website design tutorial" if you need more. 

Good website design is likely to include the following: 

• Pages that are fast to load. 
• Pages that are clean and uncluttered. 
• Pages that do not have flashing or distracting elements. 
• Pages that have a pleasing color combination. 
• Pages that are easy to navigate through. 
• A site structure that is easy to navigate through. 
• A logical and intuitive layout. 
• Easy to find contact details. 
• Easy to find terms and condition and privacy policy. 
• Easy to find sitemap. 

Bad website design might include some of the following: 

• Frames that are not compatible with the search engines. 
• Pages that take forever to load. 
• Pages that are cluttered with ads that annoy and distract. 
• Pages that have clashing colors. 
• Pages with no obvious navigation guides. 
• A site structure that is confusing and impossible to navigate through easily. 
• Essential pages link contact, terms and conditions and privacy policy missing. 
• No sitemap. 
• Glaring spelling mistakes and bad grammar throughout the text. 

If you want to see some excellent examples of bad website design, Web Pages That Suck should be all you need to demonstrate how not to design your website. And if you thought that some of the elements that you see on these websites were actually good, it's time to think again! 

Flash is a great technology. Great, that is, until you encounter it as an everlasting introduction to a website. If it takes ages to load, flashes unnecessarily, irritates and makes you want to tear it out of the screen, then it should not be there. Don't include new fancy technologies just because you can. It simply is not worth it. 

Does your website design work in all the popular browsers? Not every design does. You can test your website for free with Browser Shots , a site that will allow you to see how your website looks in all the popular browsers, as well as quite a few you have probably never heard of. 

Good website design is little more than using your common sense. Never think, "I like that." Always think, "What will my visitors like?" Think like a visitor and your web page design is likely to improve. Too many website designers take their egos and inject them into the design. It's a bad idea. Keep your ego out of the design and just try to be helpful and informative. Keep it simple, uncluttered and pleasing.

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