Free How to make money from Google Proven Strategy

Beginners aspiring to make money online often wonder how to make money from Google, the internet giant. Here OnlineMoneyKey.Com is going to explain the proven possible ways to make use of  Google in order to make money online.
What is Google?
Before we get started let us understand what exactly Google is.   Google basically is a search system — it displays results  from the index that it creates for itself.  Originally, the  term “search engine” referred to some kind of search  index, a huge database containing information from    individual Web sites. Large search-index companies like  Google own thousands of computers that use software    known as spiders or robots (or just plain bots) to grab Web pages and read the information stored in them.
Google does all these for free to attract searchers worldwide to type their search term in the  search box of Google  to find what they intend to. More people Google attracts more money it makes  because Google knows how to monetize the traffic more than anybody else. This is the very reason Google is so obsessed with providing the best results to the searchers. This way Google’s Search Engine has become #1 choice for web searchers worldwide.
What does Making Money from Google really mean?
Now the big question is how can you make it work for you. At this point you probably have understood that Google basically is your media where you can do your internet marketing thing. Google could be  your key to internet success. Somewhere Google itself would give you a green cheque or maybe you will earn from other programs/networks/clients but all are hugely dependent on the existence of Google.
Important Note : Yes you can make money from Google but you need to develop certain internet marketing skill for that. Most of the money making platforms are free but it takes hell lot of strategy & skill in order to succeed with them. If you are not keen on investing in mastering the required internet marketing techniques, chances are you will get limited  to almost no success at all.
As you are a beginner, you need the best source of information & strategies to get started. Finding out the genuine source of information and what works are considered to be half the work.
How does Google make money?
Google has got so many products and services, most of them are free. But Google’s main source of income is from their search engine itself using AdWords (Google’s paid Advertising program). Google offers a paid advertising platform known as AdWord where one can buy ad space on Google’s search engine result pages and in the website of AdSense Publishers and Google’s other content networks.  Advertise has to pay per click on the ads.

What is AdWord?
AdWord is basically a pay per click advertising platform. Companies/individuals advertise on internet to promote their products and services in order to sell their products/services.  CPM ( cost per thousand impression) ad option is there too. The amount of money per click charged by AdWord depends upon the worth of the keyword/keyword phrase on which advertisers want their ads to show up. Worth of a keyword can be seen through Adword keyword tool itself.
How people make money through AdWords?
Let us assume, somebody is using AdWord to display his advertisement for a keyword say ” Digital Video Camera”  and others. And the average cost per click is $2. Product Price=$300, Profit/Commission= $100  per product selling.
Now see, if 4 people out of 100 who clicks on the ad, expenditure becomes=100×2=$200, and the revenue becomes $100×4=$400
Clearly the difference is the net profit amounts to ($400-$200)=$200. Which can be done in a very short span of time if somebody does it right.
Can you make money from Google  Adwords?
Yes you can do it. In fact using AdWord to promote your own product or other peoples product as an affiliate marketer is the kind of fastest way to make money online. But making money using AdWords demands knowledge for sure. If you can develop the skill set required to do it like an expert, you can rake in huge cash with the help of AdWord only. You can develop your own product/service or promote other peoples products/services in exchange of commission when you make a sale.
People often get allured with it considering AdWord as a shortcut to success, but like other businesses it demands proper knowledge and skill. If you are serious about making money online from Google AdWords, you must equip yourself with the  right strategy of doing it like  Affilorama teaches. You can learn for free.
What is AdSense?
AdSense is the flip side of AdWords. A pay per click affiliate network. Whatever ads advertisers want to display with AdWord, Google does it through AdSense. Starting from displaying contextual ads to the payment of publishers and troubleshooting of problems publishers have, come under AdSense. Webmasters willing to run Google AdSense ads in their website/blog/forums etc are to apply to AdSense in order to get approved. Publishers who run AdSense ads get a cut of what AdWord charges advertisers on Pay-Per-Click basis.
Can you make money from Google AdSense?
Yes. You can. If you can create good websites or blogs in a market where Advertisers are advertising with AdWords, and can bring visitors in your websites in a legitimate way complying with Google AdSense TOS to be specific, you surely can make big times from AdSense itself. But the problem is, beginners often mess up the whole thing either due to lack of knowledge or due to misguidance or mostly due to information overload.
If you are serious about making money from Google Adsense, be ready to learn a lot of staff, make use of authentic and organized information like Cary Bergeron provides and always listen to what AdSense has to say (subscribe to AdSense blog).
Affiliate Marketing & Google
As you have already known that affiliate marketing is about preselling/promoting /recommending other peoples products or services and getting handsome commission when you make a sale. There are different types of affiliate marketing opportunity out there. In pay per lead affiliate marketing you can get commission even if you do not make any sale. In a sense AdSense is also a kind of affiliate marketing (Pay Per Click Affiliate). Adword campaign is one of the best and fast ways to get targeted/potential customers to your product sales page or product review page. Another great, steady and free source of traffic is organic listing of search engine result pages. Those organic listing can be achieved by conducting effective  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It’s not like getting visitors to your website/presell page will make you the money you deserve. Affiliate marketing is not just about creation of websites or WordPress blogs and setting up affiliate links. there are really a lot to learn if you are serious about making significant money being an affiliate marketer. Mark Ling of Affilorama is the best teacher to teach you affiliate marketing. I bet.
One should forget about making money online from Google if he/she is not keen enough in mastering the required internet marketing skills and in devoting a huge amount of time to execute it. Somewhere you will feel the urge to outsource some mundane tasks involved so that you can concentrate more on your core domain and make more money from Google. Learning SEO is a must if you are finding a low cost solution to drive potential customers to your money site. If you are afraid of spending money at the first place, you have to learn very hard way and have to remain satisfied with slow and limited success.
So, if you are serious about making a killing online, do not sell yourself short. Get the real information, get the real strategies, implement them and get to see the results you desired.

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