Free Pay Per SMS

You always pay bills for your mobile, but do you know you also can earn money by your mobile. For this you just need to have a mobile. You just have to read SMS and for reading each SMS you will add Rupees 2.00 to your credit. This is the only website which pays you Rupees 2.00 for reading one SMS, of course you can delete the SMS after reading. You need not keep them in your inbox.

You might be knowing that nowadays all companies do advertising for their products and the companies chose a medium which suits their needs. Considering this companies chose to send SMS which contains the details of the products and services, and for that they people. Similarly we have also designed a program to advertise our website and its product and we will send you SMS of  which will contain information about its products.

No matter where you are nut you will receive our SMS. You need not make any effort for this and neither you need to worry; actually you are not doing anything it’s your mobile which is making money for you.

The SMS you will receive from us will contain an Account ID and Rupees 2.00 added credit to your account. So don’t wait and understand the money making

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