Free Make Huge Money from Tiny (Small) Online Jobs

Micro job sites have grown in popularity over the past few years and thanks to sites like Fiverr, Fourerr, and TTenner making big amounts of money from small tiny jobs has really taken off.

The Process

1. Profile – Unlike larger freelancing websites where it can take a long time to set up a profile, a micro job site profile can be set up in seconds. All it takes is a paragraph to tell the site’s members who you are when they view your page.
2. Jobs – Big freelance sites such as Elance and Guru are great for getting big projects, but building up a reputation on these sites can be time consuming and it can often take you months to get your first bid for a job accepted. However, on micro job sites, you create your own jobs. If you are a writer, you can offer to write a single article for a small amount of money (usually between $4 and $10). Or if you are a photo editor, you can offer to Photoshop someone’s photograph for a small amount of money. The whole point of a micro job site is to continuously offer the same job which buyers can then purchase and you can then deliver.
3. Delivery – Once someone has placed an order/ “bought” your gig, then it is up to you to deliver the work within a set time (you can set the deadline yourself). Depending on the gig, the work can be delivered via the site through a file attachment or can be sent via post.
4. Feedback – When your gig is accepted by the buyer, it will be marked as “complete” and the buyer is able to leave feedback on your profile. Feedback allows the buyer to give a true account of his dealings with you (the seller) and lets other buyers know whether you deliver what you promise. The more positive feedback a seller gets, the higher rated they are and the more gigs they are likely to sell.

Income Opportunities

Setting yourself up on a micro job site is ideal if you want to make money online from the comfort of your own home. Micro job sites have a great scope for making a solid income providing that you make enough sales.
Whilst you build up your ratings on a micro job site, you may only get two or three orders per week. However, once you have plenty of ratings and positive feedback from your buyers, more orders can come rolling in. Even five orders per day at $4 each can earn you $20 per day, or $140 per week!
The Social Marketing, Video and Advertising categories tend to be the most popular amongst buyers, so these subjects are where the money is – if you are an expert in any of these areas then the opportunities for making money online are endless.

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