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Not matter, what kind of blogger you are and what kind of blog you run ? The most itching question is that: how many blog posts to write ? per day or per week/month/year.
Writing a good blog post requires you to spend time and definitely, we all know that it takes time to produce a useful content. You could simply do a copy paste of an article from other blog or just do a re-spin to publish it on your blog. Ultimately, do that article attracts “real” peoples attention ? do that ranks well on search engines & drives traffic ? do that article solves your purpose of blogging ? Lot of questions….
When you want to write a purposeful article, you have to be original and you have to do the best in helping the reader.
Copycats and Re-spinners are kicked out from here….
The quality of a blog post is always the top priority for any successful blogger and even i always take care of the quality before clicking the publish button. I ask myself, do this article helps the reader ?
In fact, i used to ask this question on each and every line as well as each and every link that i add to the article.
Like quality, blog posting frequency is also more important.
There are lot of debates on-going every day among the bloggers community that, how many blog posts to write ? in order to drive huge traffic and to make money from blogs.
This article helps every blogger who got this question in mind, lets discuss the various facts involved and finally, will take a decent conclusion.

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