Free How To Make Money Online With Google

Making Money Online With Google
Following a recent post I wrote about how to take advantage of the holidays and boost your AdSense earnings with the help of Google’s affiliate program, I was surprised to see that there are still “some” that have never heard about Google’s affiliate network before. So to show you that there are still some who does not know all the ways how we can make money with Google. That said, I will summarize “almost” every publishers solution Google provides.
To start, you should know that there are basically two ways to earn money from Google. For clarification purposes, I have separated these two forms into “direct” and “indirect”. Direct means the actual solution Google provides you to make money, e.g. AdSense, GAN (Google Affiliate Network), etc. Indirect means the tools, methods, tactics and so forth to help you convert. Mind you that you can literally start your own small online business with Google alone, and all the tools of the trade required are 100% free. Can’t beat that!

What are the direct methods to making money online with Google?

AdSense For Content: Display targeted ads on your website. Probably the most “popular” in the whole internet. If you are building your online business and never heard of AdSense, you are in big trouble. There are many AdSense tips here which you can use to help you improve your earnings. On a side note, if you are in doubt whether AdSense is good form to make money, watch Lisa’s video and see how she broke her own monthly record of $5.000 plus recently.

AdSense For Search: As the name suggest, you can embed a short piece of code in to your website and allows users to search your site or the web. The search result pages displays ads and you can earn money when users click on them. Build a “custom search engine” to take advantage of this opportunity to its fullest.
making money online with google
Adsense For Domains: Google’s domain parking program is probably not too appealing for everyone. However it is still a good form to monetize those unused/undeveloped domains, rather than sitting there idle. Very recently, Google has changed the way you can park your domains and has simplified the process of setting it up, as compared to the previous “slightly” more complicated form. As of two days ago, to get your domain setup with AdSense for domains, you can simply delegate your domains’ nameserver to Google’s DNS nameserver and that’s it.
Google Affiliate Network (GAN): I have written several articles about GAN and ways to increase your earnings. With Google Affiliate Network, publishers can access cost-per-action (CPA) or affiliate ads. With GAN you can work with advertisers who will pay you a performance fee for driving a sale or other type of conversions depending on the program. Plus, what many AdSense publishers still don’t know is that GAN is now integrated with AdSense and it is now easier to reach the threshold as both are consolidated into one account for payment purposes.
Other Google Ways: Aside from the above, Google also has for “qualified” publishers, several other programs. I won’t get into much details here as they are not available for everyone so just to let you know, they are – AdSense for mobile apps, Adsense for TV, AdSense for video, and AdSense for games.

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