Free Online Jobs without investment from home Is there any

Are you fed up searching for an online job without investment which is at least not a scam? Are you tired of undergoing scams after scams, and loads of sites  asking for money at the first place? Hold on & go through the following. You are assured of getting to know some genuine money making resources which really work. Agree or not, we believe that finding out something which works is around half the work done.
What are the opportunities available?
Opportunities are indeed endless. But most of them require investment in a reasonable way. Not all products you buy are crap or all services you use are scam. You must learn to differentiate between the fake and the real. Still there are online job opportunities available without any investment. Following are the major ones
A. Work for others as a Freelancer: Let us make it clearer by explaining what exactly freelancing means. Freelancing is the act of working for an individual or a company as an independent body without any sort of long term commitment and getting paid in exchange. Freelancers are often called contractors.
A freelancer is one who freelances. An employer is one who hires/recruits freelancers to get his job done.
What are the kind of jobs you can do as a freelancer?
Almost any kind of computer related jobs. Web Development, Software Development,  Networking & Information systems, Writing & translation, Administrative Support, Design & Multimedia, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing are the available major categories of jobs.
Where to get Freelance Jobs?
Freelance networks are the best places for newbie freelancers. Freelance networks function as a bridge between freelancers and employers. A freelance network provides the opportunity to both freelancer and employers  to create their profiles and interact with each other so as to do business with each other. In most cases joining a freelance network and bidding on different projects is completely free (without investment). Some networks charge money for premium membership which enables bidding on more projects as well as winning of the projects. The major source of income of these freelance networks is the commission from both employers and freelancers when any deal takes place. This is a great online job opportunity without investment.
Following are some world reputed freelance networks where you can sign up for free and create your profile showing your expertise and bid on projects of your expertise.
Odesk.Com : Know more and join Odesk in case you long to freelance online.
GetAFreelancer.Com etc.
Another great way to promote yourself as a freelancer is having your own website or blog and ranking for keywords your potential employer search in search engines. For example, you like to freelance being an SEO in India or any particular state. If you  can rank your blog for a keyword like SEO freelancer India or SEO freelancer Delhi, you can easily fix up deals with employers interested in taking your SEO service.
In order to become a successful  freelancer online you need to have the following qualities in yourself.
1. Expertise: You should be having expertise on your service you would like to offer. Suppose you want to become a freelance web designer. Without in-depth knowledge of web designing you can not expect to get a job from employers. Online employers are smart enough to assess your subject knowledge.
2. Communication: This is very vital aspect of your online freelance career. You must communicate right (Written & Verbal) specially in English. Many wannabe freelancers get frightened when it comes to communicating with the employers.
3. Professionalism: You have to be professional enough when it comes to negotiation of the deal.
4. Salesmanship: You have to have the salesmanship inside you to sell your service like a professional.
5. Responsibility : You have to be responsible enough to deliver the assigned job in time.
Another Great Online Job without investment from home
B. Blog with Free platform: Blogging with free blogging platform like Blogger.Com has a proven track record of getting you a lot of money online if you can do it right. Most of the beginners do it totally wrong and fail at it. (But what is a blog?)
Following are the correct steps to build a profitable money making free blog
A. Find your Topic/Niche
Finding a profitable topic for your blog is quite difficult. Because even though you know that tech blogs are profitable, you may not be able to blog on technologies. Selection of topic will be based upon the profitability and your ability to keep on sticking to it. You may go for different health topics or something you can master if you study on it. Ideal topic/niche would be your expertise if it is profitable.
B. Research Your Keyword : Learn it here
C. Analyse your competition & Select keywords having maximum potential
D. Book your subdomain right
E. Don’t start writing right Away
F. Learn the SEO basics
G. Start writing maintaining the basic SEO stuffs
H. Use these Google Products
I. Conduct Off page optimization & build backlinks
J. Sell Advertisements : AdSense is no 1
K. Recommend other peoples products/services : That is what Affiliate Marketing is
L. Promote yourself as a freelancer ( if you want to be)

Other online Jobs Without Investment from home
C. Micro Job Sites: Fiverr.Com is a world famous micro job site where you can sell your service (Gigs) to customers for a fixed price of $5. Know more about Fiverr and it’s alternatives.
D. Freelance Writing: There are sites around the web willing to pay you for your writing skill. Internet marketers need lot of articles for SEO and other marketing purpose. They buy articles from these sites. If you can prove yourself as a good writer, you can earn good money. Sites like Yahoo Voices,  HubPages.Com,  Squidoo.Com,  Helium.Com, Triond.Com,  Flixya.Com,  Bukisha.Com, iwriter.Com etc provide writing opportunities and pay in exchange. Some of the sites mentioned are adsense revenue sharing sites.
E. Join Paid Surveys: Joining paid surveys is a legitimate option to make some extra money. Here you can get paid just for giving your true opinion only which helps different companies in researching the market potentiality. Go to for genuine paid survey sites.
F. Joining PTC (Paid to click)  Sites: PTC or paid to click sites pay you for clicking ads only. We do not recommend joining PTC sites as because it is kind of wastage of your time. Still people can make money from these networks if they can reffer a lot of people through their referral link. Go to PTC-Investigation.Com for details.
Though most of the online jobs do not require any investment,  it takes investment to effectively conduct the same. However all the opportunities discussed above can be executed without any investment.

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