How to Make Money from Twitter Best Affiliate Programs And Jobs

Today in this article i will be telling you about four such twitter affiliate programs that can make you earn huge amount of money provided you have good number of twitter followers and you are smart enough to turn your tweets into money by the things i would be telling you below.

1. RevTwt

RevTwt claims itself to be the  Largest Advertising Network on Twitter providing you various Options to earn money . Primary and best way to earn money from this Network Includes -
  • Link Shortening tool - Ya you guessed it right , They will show a Ad when clicked and in turn pay you
  • Affiliate Program – Better paying as provides 20% of commission to a success referral
  • Cost per click – They will pay you for each click on your Ad

2. TwitPub

Twitpub is one of the best Twitter affiliate programs that you would find on web to earn money from your tweets . It has been reviewed by CNET, Venturebeat and such quality websites as the best marketplace made for Twitter so users can buy and sell premium tweets.
You can make money as you Tweet by earning 80% Payout and control your account via your Twitpub Dashboard !

3. Tweetadder

Now i’ll move one and tell you about the Tweetadder Affiliate programs for twitter users to earn money through their Tweets , The affiliate programs is an addition to make money to their Direct advertisements .
They offer $10  Bonus for just signing up as an Affiliate and payouts are done at $50 .

4. Twittad

Personally i would recommend this for a Twitter user as it allows to use the network to safely and effectively monetize your content. Promote only who you want! You can get started by Placing your profile on their network with a per tweet asking price or opt-in to a campaign that matches your specific demographics!
The key to earn money is to have good amount of followers if you are really serious to earn from Twitter accounts . You should be pretending in your Tweets and make your account look like a quality and good account not made solely for the purpose for earning which will make you stand apart from those users who are joining such programs for the sake of earning only, Hence providing you more and better chances of earning through your Tweets.

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