Let Google Be Your Affiliate Marketing Spy AndJobs

n this article, I’m going to share with you a method for sniping trends when they’re hot and getting your affiliate links in front of as many people as possible. We’re going to make Uncle Google work for us for a change.
This method can be used by the newest of internet marketing newbies, especially because you can easily just drop a direct affiliate link and you’re good to go. Also, this may be obvious but I’ll say it anyways, make sure you’re in at least one affiliate network. For wet-behind-the-ears internet marketing beginners, I suggest signing up for the Amazon Affiliate program if it’s available where you live, or Commission Junction. Both of these networks have a huge range of offers and merchants you can pick from to suite the niche you’re going after.

Time To Put Google To Work

This method uses a Google service that some of you may not know about. It’s called Google Alerts and it’s totally free for you to use.
STEP 1: For the first step, you need to pick what offer you’re going to promote. For this example, we’ll go with a broad shopping niche for shoes, and pick the Lugz brand to promote. This is available via CJ program.
STEP 2: For the second step, we’ll go to Google alerts and setup our first alert.
Google Alerts
You can use search operators like parenthesis for phrase match and brackets [] for exact match. As you can see, this brings up hits on the Google search results about Lugz. These are prime spots to go drop your affiliate link and get some bites. However, that’s not where the magic is.
STEP 3: The magic begins here in step 3! Set your notifications to As-it-happens, and whenever a brand spankin’ new entry is found by Google, you’ll be alerted. You should immediately go and try and drop your affiliate link in this entry. This makes sure your post is first on the discussion. Any other eyeballs that come along will be seeing your content first, and of course your affiliate link.
For more tips and strategies while you learn internet marketing, be sure to stop by our website and pick up some No Bull reviews while you’re at it!

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